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View topic - 1 week to fire up...?

1 week to fire up...?

This forum addresses questions on any installation problems you might encounter with your Sony television (i.e. How to install, what wires go where, etc.)

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by akacliph » Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:01 pm

Hi, searching for any possible insight here.

Recently purchased and received kdl-55nx810, everything in good shape upon arrival.  Wall mounted with hdmi's connected, went to turn on and nothing, no power indication, nothing.  Followed directions TO A T including making sure power save button was on.

Sony CS was helpful, the service they contracted to fix was not (unable to return for same model due to availability and was too good a deal to throw down more $ on another model,) retailer was Sony authorized, so the wife and I decided to have fixed, possible power supply  prob or "board" per contracted service tech.  Days turned into over a week with the new tv hanging on the wall not working.

Now it gets weird, I pull it off the wall unplug all the cables and plug it in- what do you know, power indicator light is on, I turn it on and set it up.

What could have caused this?  I tried 5-6 times to get it to come on over the week, using different outlets and triple checking EVERYTHING.  I did flip the power save switch every time too, could it have had a short for the initial power-up?  Would the hdmi's being connected have anything to do with it even tho the "instructions" say to hook everything up?

Any insight greatly appreciated.  Just happy to have it working.  Haven't called off the service yet... just in case, they're days behind when they said they'd call anyway.  
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by jttar » Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:55 pm

Hello akacliph,

Greetings and welcome.

Really bizzare eh? I can only think that the power cord was not making contact when the TV was hanging on the wall. It is the only thing that makes any sense to me.

The good news is that you have it working. Please keep us posted on how it's doing or what the tech has to say.

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